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Project NatureConnect Project NatureConnect
Stop the hate and emotional pain with Natural area Ecopsychology. It is a nature lover’s organic Ecotherapy remedy for the abuse and violation of Nature, in, around and as us.

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How to implement authentic Ecopsychology: love anchored Ecotherapy and  Eco-Arts Therapy online courses and certified degree training

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Enjoy the Fully Trustable, Whole-Life, Art and Science of  Organic Ecopsychology. Create moments of lasting u
nified Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) in natural areas, backyard or back country.

Funded, Accredited and Warrantied, 54-Sense, Organic Psychology

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“To avoid re-living our wounds from being hurt and mistreated, we escape the pain by acting out on others what was done to us. This increases our discontents and disorders.”


NATURE LOVERS   Help Wanted: Mentor$ for our Natural Area, Organic Therapy Community Proce$$: Problems and abuse transform into lasting well-being when you know how to fulfill your 54 senses with nature’s self-correcting balance and beauty.



What you naturally sense and feel counts.  It is more intelligent, important and powerful for your life than most things that you learn...




Are  you one of the gifted few that love their ability to love the life of Nature and our planet?  If so, you can strengthen this gift and recover from our all too common abusive and unjust relationships.  Increase your joy and help others find wellness for themselves through the organic application of Ecopsychology.

Validate your natural spirit. Accredit your life experiences.  Create a livelihood whose art and science strengthen the special person that you are including, Biophilia, your love of the life of Nature around and in you.  In 2012 A.D. that love and life were scientifically validated as the life of our planet’s and the Big Bang Unified Field’s attraction to build its own spectacular time and space, moment-by-moment.

You are in that moment now. In a quiet natural area it can help your 54 natural sense inner child unify and make everything seem beautifully all right. Have you ever experienced that phenomenon?  Organic Ecopsychology and Eco-Art Therapy enable you make it happen at will.

Our funded ECHN online certification or degrees and training enable you to produce whole life moments in natural areas. There you let the life of Earth reasonably teach your 54 natural senses how to let Nature renew them so they may prevent and  recover from ,mistreatment, abuse  and violence while enlisting the life of Earth to help you increase personal, social and environmental well-being for yourself and others. This ECHN experience helps your love of Nature improve your relationships, career and economics.


“You become more loving, sensible and sensitive. That’s why things improve when you connect them with Nature using all fifty-four of your senses instead of just five. The misleading story that we have just five natural senses has socialized us to deny that we have 54 of them even as we sense them. This short circuit retards our ability to make organic whole life sense and act sensibly.  It violates our Fourteenth Amendment right to life and is the prime source of our personal and global disorders.   For example, which one of our five senses is our sense of thirst or balance or trust or community?”

Michael J. Cohen


“I learned how to walk out my back door and do activities that connect my 54 senses with the life dance of the trees, the grass, the song of the wind…the clouds.  This enables my senses of reason and consciousness to produce undeniable thoughts and feelings, self-evident facts that I experience. They are neither imaginary nor misleading. Their truth lasts because whenever I choose I can again let my Ecopsychology activities enable nature’s balance and beauty to flow through my awareness and person.

My ability to connect my 54 natural senses with the wisdom of our living Planet increases my honesty, clears my head and opens my heart.  I know that I am part of the whole of Nature’s life in this moment and that I have the instinctive ability to speak and relate through words as well as how to ask Nature to help me release my attachments to illegitimate stories. The perk of my livelihood is that I am paid to teach others the art and science of this eco-intelligent path to well-being.”

      – Applied Ecopsychology Student
















Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 10.31.18 PMProject NatureConnectProject NatureConnect

Organic Ecopsychology Image: the whole of Nature’s life is your life



Because so many parts of Industrial Society are estranged from Nature’s perfection this website and its ECHN program is your means to renew the life and health of Planet Earth in, around and as you. We warranty that ECHN accurately enables you to create mutually beneficial relationships with Earth’s self-correcting ways and help others do the same.

If you have had a good experience in Nature you know the joy of its restorative energies. They renew your spirit as they clear your mind and unify you with the beauty of Nature’s life. Don’t be fooled. This is not just recreation. It is re-creation. It is vital and always available yet its importance is continually ignored by Industrial Society.

On average, we are illegally socialized to spend over 99 percent of how we sense, think and feel during our lifetime out of tune with the way the biodiversity of Nature’s perfection works in and around us.  We enjoy in tune connections with our Living Planet for approximately one hour total every five years. Sadly, we turn to non-organic replacements for the reasonable satisfactions from nature that we eliminate from most of our life. The substitute imitations produce the detrimental side effects that we suffer.


Alert! Be aware of this catastrophe: Our sensory disconnection from the balance, grace and regenerative powers of Nature produces our personal and environmental miseries. We agonize because we don’t learn to use a whole life ECHN remedy that helps us consciously reconnect with Nature’s self-correcting powers.


Too often we overlook that the life of our Planet is our aliveness. This means that no part of Earth can be dead.  The passion of the life of Earth to survive is the same passion of our life to live.

Our lives inherently sense, feel and attach to Earth’s life in  sensory attraction ways via our 54 natural senses. When we injure parts of Earth’s life, we distress sensory parts of us. For this reason alone Organism Earth is special. It is the only organism of its kind that we know. It should be protected from our trespasses under a whole life Endangered Species Act.

We are unbalanced because, excessively disconnected from Nature, the intelligent, therapeutic ways of our natural senses and psyche are abandoned and stressed like a fish out of water.

Nature’s holistic dance is homeless in our mind and spirit. We have lost daily contact with its unifying energies, balance and peace.

We have learned to live like people in a room filled with laser beams that we can’t see. Every time we move too far towards something whole-life reasonable our socialization burns us.


Attraction is the core of Earth’s life-dance. It is attractive for everything to belong. Nothing has been discovered that is not held together by attraction and this includes us personally and collectively.

We are naturally caring and reasonable because attraction is the fundamental energy of love and life that creates relationships in balance throughout Earth and the Universe, from sub-atomics to galaxies. In concert, everything in the Web of Life is attracted to how it is relating to and dependent upon everything else. That attraction love keeps the whole of life in equilibrium.  Scientists call this universal balancing relationship homeostasis. It is a dancing 54 sense essence of the life of Nature in and around us that we learn to deny and conquer.

As exemplified by the sensation of thirst, on cellular and molecular levels, sensors (senses and their sensations) in an organism are receptors that are attracted to detect stimuli. When the information that they register is out of balance, the senses become the main homeostatic driving force for change that promotes life in balance. Their detection process is a fundamental source that functions in organisms on great (Planet Earth) or small (nanode) mechanical, thermal and chemical levels to strengthen survival.  What our senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding.


Humanity is the only member of the web of life that has the gift of speech and literacy. Wherever Nature is not injured by the destructive stories that we create about it, the life of Organism Earth flourishes without producing our garbage, pollution or disorders.

My “maverick genius” notes that we seldom learn that we have 54 natural attraction senses that normally attract our life to Earth’s unconditional love. Sadly, we are encouraged to excessively disengage these senses from Nature’s self-correcting ways and attach them instead to our Nature-conquering stories, technologies and relationships.  This disconnection eviscerates Organism Earth and us. It severs our mutually supportive embrace with it. The pain this creates undermines us. We feel hurt, loss and unfulfilled.  We constantly want so there is never enough, including enough natural attraction love.  This anomaly produces our disastrous greed, addictions and miseries, locally and globally.

It is no accident that when we are in quiet, re-creation contact with a natural area our disconnection pain temporarily transforms into the wonder, peace and happiness we find there. This is because our 54 senses are naturally attracted to connect with and are renewed by the embrace of their origin in Nature.


The Whole-Life Art and Science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) works because, with Nature’s consent, it helps us create authentic sensory attraction moments in natural areas at will. It makes safe time and space for the self-correcting ways of non-literate “Organism Earth” to lovingly blend its balance and beauty with our nature-disconnected 54 senses including our ability to speak from and for them.

ECHN can help the millions of people who suffer due to their “normally excessive” sensory disconnection from the natural world.

The application of ECHN renews, transforms and corrects our alienated sensibilities and misleading stories. It helps us address the heart of our problems rather than only use stop-gap measures or bandaids for them. If you invented an pill that could do this in organic ways you’d be a billionaire. ECHN does it free while you get paid for teaching it.

ECHN helps long term personal and global unity prevail and disorders subside. It lets the life of Nature’s Unified Attraction Field restore in each of us the satisfactions and health of person/planet integrity.


ECHN activity moments bind the life of our Planet with our disconnected 54 natural senses to increase personal, social and and global well-being. This process does not work for individuals or groups that do not recognize that Earth is a living organism.  They instead build their relationships with information about how to live from a mechanical type of Earth that their nature-disconnected stories have invented. This makes them become subjects of Industrial Society’s runaway mechanics and nature-estranged spirituality. The adverse results of this short-circuit speak for themselves.


Through 54 natural sensory attractions that ECHN helps you connect with in natural areas, your life is loved as part of the life of our planet that loved it into being. This is the same way that your heart, fingers and toes love to support your life and vice-versa.

ECHN empowers your love of Nature to help all things enjoy and strengthen their wellness as part of Organism Earth’s passion for life.


Are you tired of the nonsense in your personal life and society?  

  • Stop it.
  • Become smarter.
  • Backyard or backcountry, learn how to create moments that let the life of Earth strengthen its balance, health and wisdom in you.
  • Reasonably think, feel and act with the 54 natural senses you inherit from Nature, not the non-sense of just five.



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Project NatureConnect

Project NatureConnect

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ECHN Whole Life Art and ScienceUniversal Heart

Flat outstretched upon a mound
Of earth I lie; I press my ear 
Against its surface and I hear
Far off and deep, the measured sound
Of heart that beats within the ground.
And with it pounds in harmony
The swift, familiar heart in me.
They pulse as one, together swell,
Together fall; I cannot tell
My sound from earth’s, for I am part
Of rhythmic, universal heart.
~ Elizabeth Odell


ECHN had been around for thirty years …here are few videos for you to enjoy and grasp what this is all about.  Please don’t miss our “Essence of Unity” video. It quickly summarizes what ECHN is all about.